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Food Safety Program

The Food Safety Program is designed to assist with the layout of the food operation, the equipment needed and the food preparation processes required to be able to serve safe food products to the community.  The Health District licenses nearly 500 food operations in Logan County, including restaurants, bars, delis, grocery and convenience stores, vending machines, mobile food services, and food sold at fairs and festivals.   Each year, our sanitarians conduct about 900 inspections of these food establishments to ensure the safety of Logan County's food supply.

Program Services:

  • Temporary Food Service

Before you may sell food for a fee or “a required donation” (i.e. a posted price) to the public, you must first have your food service facility inspected and licensed by a Logan County Health District sanitarian to be certain that it complies with all applicable Ohio rules.


  • Facility Plan Review

Food establishments must submit facility plans for review and approval by our food safety staff prior to being licensed for operation.  


  • Food Operation Licensing

Call 937.651.6206 to obtain an application for your food service operation or retail food establishment, vending, mobile food or temporary food operation

Mobile Food Operations - Questions and Answers


Food Rule Changes Letter - 2013

Food Rule Updates 2-4-2016

Temperature Guide for Food Management

Norovirus Cleanup Guidance

Norovirus Cleanup Procedures

Norovirus Cleanup & Sickness Reporting Form

Person-in-Charge (PIC) Responsibility Checklist



Person-in-charge (PIC, i.e. Manager) Level One Certification in Food Protection

    The ODH maintains a complete list of approved level one certification in food protection course providers. On-line courses in English, Spanish or Mandarin are available at the

    National Restaurant Association’s ServSafe Starters® program http://www.servsafe.com/starters/ for $15 or

    http://www.statefoodsafety.com for $12.  

    To attend a Logan County Health District (LCHD) class, please complete the Course Application, remove and return the bottom portion with the applicable fee to the LCHD, c/o Timothy M. Smith (937-651-6212 or tsmith@co.logan.oh.us). Applications must be received between one month and one week prior to the class date.

Course Providers for the required Level Two "Managers" Food Certification class for all Level 3 and 4 licensed facilities.

FSO Time and Date Marking Agreement

Food Allergy Awareness Chart


Power Outage Guidelines

When to discard refrigerated and frozen foods chart

Potable Water Interruption Guidelines

Boil Water Advisory Fact Sheet for the general public


Report Food-Related Illness

Our staff investigates cases of foodborne illness by evaluating food histories from people, collecting samples for testing, and conducting inspections of suspected food facilities.

Information for Restaurants
Food service workers, managers and owners should consider all reports of possible foodborne illnesses as legitimate and notify the Logan County Health District immediately.  Use the Foodborne Illness Reporting Guidelines for Restaurants form as a reference when gathering information related to a possible foodborne illness.

Information for Consumers
The Logan County Health District takes all citizen's complaints regarding foodborne illness and food safety seriously. If you believe that you have become ill from something you ate we would like to know. Please call 937.651.6206 and report it to the Environmental Health Division of the Logan County Health District.  You may also e-mail us at LCHD@loganhealth.org with foodborne illness complaints or concerns.

Click here to Find the latest Food Recalls at the Ohio Department of Health website.


Codes and Regulations:

Retail Food Establishments & Food Service Operations 3717 Ohio Revised Code (licensing rules)


Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code 3717-1 Ohio Administrative Code (food safety rules)


Ohio Department of Health (ODH) Food Service Operation Rules 3701-21 Ohio Administrative Code (additional licensing rules)


Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) Retail Food Establishment Rules 901:3-4 Ohio Administrative Code (additional licensing rules)


Ohio Department of Agriculture Farm Market & Farmer's Market Rules 901:3-6-01 Ohio Administrative Code (additional ODA food rules) 



FightBAC! Keeping Food Safe from Bacteria

Ohio Department of Health Website

Ohio Department of Agriculture Website

United States Department of Agriculture Website



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