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Nuisance Investigation

It is the objective of the Logan County Health District to eliminate or reduce the present and anticipated environmental conditions in the community that may adversely affect the public health, safety and well being.  

Our sanitarians responds to complaints of environmental conditions that may pose a threat to public health.   Each situation must be evaluated to determine the exact threat, educate the persons concerned, and determine appropriate nuisance removal or abatement. 

The Logan County Health District takes all citizen complaints regarding nuisances seriously. If you believe that a situation  exists which poses a threat to the public's health, we would like to know.  Please call 937.651.6203 and report it to the Logan County Health District.  You may also e-mail us at LCHD@loganhealth.org with nuisance complaints.


Current Issues


Household Mold

The Logan County Health District receives many requests to test mold in houses to see if it is a health risk.  The fact is that any mold can be a health risk to persons depending on their susceptibility.  So any mold is bad mold.  Molds should be considered signs of ventilation and moisture problems.  The source of the problem should be identified and repaired.  Some examples of moisture and ventilation problems are:  Insufficiently ventilated basements, crawl spaces, bathrooms, and any room that moisture is allowed to build up. 

Excellent sources of information about household mold are available on the web at the Centers for Disease Control Mold website.


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