Household Sewage Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Program

Ohio Administrative Code 3701-29

On January 1, 2015, The Ohio Department of Health (ODH), as directed by the state legislature, adopted the Sewage Treatment System Rules for the entire state of Ohio. These rules are now the minimum standards that all Local Health Districts (LHDs) must follow regarding the treatment of private wastewater in Ohio. The new statewide sewage code now requires a Sewage O&M Program in Logan County where none existed previously. The ODH has begun to audit all LHDs to determine how each Sewage O&M Program is being administered.

What is O&M?

After a sewage treatment system (STS) is installed, there are specific tasks that must occur to keep an STS working properly so that it does not pollute surface or underground water.

What new costs will there be to property owners with sewage systems because of the O&M Program?

A $50 renewable sewage operation permit is required. Additionally, a $50 sewage system on-site evaluation fee may be charged by the health district for an existing STS in order to administer the Sewage O&M Program. Renewable means that operation permits have expiration limits that require completing an application and purchasing a new permit. Failure to pay operation and/or inspection fees will result in an additional 25% penalty fee. All unpaid fees will be added to the property taxes.

For more information please visit the Logan County Health District Household Sewage Web Page.

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