Logan County Health District is operating under Incident Command and only essential services are being offered

At this time, the Logan County Health District is operating under Incident Command and only essential services are being offered. What is considered an essential service is subject to change daily. The purpose is to allow staff to respond to and prepare for COVID-19. It also limits the amount of traffic in our building and to protect you and our employees.

Vital Statistics: Our front desk has opened up a walk-up window from the outside of the building so you may receive service without coming inside.

  • For birth & death certificates that are NOT EMERGENT: Please call us at either (937) 651-6192 or (937) 651-6202 for the record to be mailed to you. If we are unable to take your call, please leave a detailed message and we will call you back as soon as possible. We have also installed a dropbox outside our front door for non-emergent paperwork which will be checked twice daily for those practicing #SocialDistancing.  If you’re choosing to utilize our dropbox, print an application from our website and include a check or money order.  Records will be mailed to you the next day. For birth and death certificates that ARE EMERGENT, please utilize the walk-up window.
  • Funeral Homes: Please communicate with us via e-mail as much as possible. We will discuss special arrangements and accommodations with you. vitals@co.logan.oh.us

Environmental Services:

  • For environmental services including wells, septic systems, food service, plumbing, parks, camps and building reviews: Please communicate with us or a member of our environmental division via e-mail as much as possible. LCHD@co.logan.oh.us Please expect some delays.

Nursing Services:

  • Immunization clinics have been cancelled until further notice. Please call Cathy at (937) 651-6186. Leave your contact information so you may be rescheduled at a later date. This does include flu shots for all ages.
  • In-Person Narcan Trainings have been cancelled. Please call Kelli at (937) 651-6204 for more information. Please utilize this link for an online and mail order option:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/R2V2T9D
  • Newborn Visits are being completed over the phone until further notice.  Please call Cathy for more information – (937) 651-6186.

WIC Services:

  • Please park in the designated “WIC” spots to ensure you’re seen in order of arrival and call us at (937) 599-3345 when you arrive and someone will meet you at your car. 
  • Please bring all documents for Re-Certifications.

Thank you for your understanding, patience and kindness at this time.

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