Ohio Auditor of State, Keith Faber’s, Good Government Spotlight recently highlighted the Logan County Health District for their efforts and service during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Logan County Health Department: Service in a time of Crisis

All over Ohio, County Health Departments have done a terrific job responding to COVID-19. Without missing a beat, they have continued to provide important health services to the citizens who depend on them.

For example, Logan County Health Department has remained committed to realizing their vision of a community that enjoys optimal health and wellness. In response to COVID-19, the Health Department has remained open and was a trusted source of information for citizens concerned about the virus. They’ve also worked to distribute PPE to health care workers on top of their normal responsibilities (pictured above). 

These local government employees have put their health and wellness at risk daily over the past few months to ensure their neighbors had the services they depend on. It is my great honor to spotlight their sacrifice.  

You can read the full article from The General Standard here:  https://mailchi.mp/5614e4ee9655/0fur1l0ax2-12395419?e=5946af51fc

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