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Logan County COVID-19 Update, June 22, 2022

Logan County’s COVID-19 Community Level continues to remain as ‘Low’.  As a reminder, the COVID-19 Community Level is based on three factors:

  • Total new COVID-19 cases per 100,000 population in the past seven days
  • New COVID-19 admissions per 100,000 population in the past seven days
  • Percent of staffed inpatient beds occupied by COVID-19 patients

The table below shows how Logan County is doing compared to the metrics created by CDC:

Logan County remains at ‘Low’ COVID-19 Community Level.  The COVID-19 case rate is increased slightly from last week.  COVID-19 hospitalization data is showing a decrease compared to the week before.  If you identify any clusters of COVID-19 cases, we recommend you take measures to prevent any further spread.  The Logan County Health District strongly recommends everyone to be vigilant in their prevention efforts.  If you or a loved one is sick, stay home.  Maintain good indoor air quality.  Follow isolation and quarantine guidelines when they apply to you and your family.  Have a supply of COVID-19 tests available in your home in case anyone gets ill.  Get yourself and your family fully vaccinated against COVID-19. 

The FDA recently authorized COVID-19 vaccinations for infants and preschoolers aged 6 months-4 years and the CDC recommends COVID-19 vaccinations for that same age group.  Currently the Logan County Health District does not have any pediatric COVID-19 vaccine in stock for those age groups, but information will be shared when we have supplies in stock. 

The CDC had a recent presentation on COVID-19 in children aged 6 months-4 years:

Highlights of this presentation include:

  • Children aged 6 months-4 years have a higher cumulative COVID-19 associated hospitalization rate than those aged 5-11 years and 12-17 years
  • Over 50% of children aged 6 months-4 years hospitalized with COVID-19 had no underlying medical condition
  • For those aged 6 months-4 years, COVID-19 hospitalization rates and deaths were higher than other vaccine preventable diseases such as hepatitis A, varicella (chickenpox), and pneumococcal disease prior to when those vaccines were recommended.
  • 202 children aged 6 months-4 years died of COVID-19
  • COVID-19 is a top 5 cause of death among children aged 0-19

The Logan County Health District has COVID-19 vaccinations available for those aged 5 years and older (including first doses and any additional or booster doses).  There are incentives available for anyone who has yet to receive their first dose.

There is a webinar scheduled on June 28, 2022 about Indoor Ventilation Strategies for COVID-19 for anyone interested:

Every home in the U.S. is eligible to order four free at-home COVID-19 test kits.  If you already ordered your first set of test kits, you are now eligible for a second set of four free at-home COVID-19 test kits.  To order yours, please visit  The Logan County Health District also has free test kits available for anyone in need.

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