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COVID-19 Situational Report

The Information in this report is from: 06/16/20 – 06/29/20

As of 06/28/20, 2:00 pm
Ohio Cases: 51,046 Total; 47,524 Confirmed; 3,522 Probable;
Ohio Confirmed Deaths: 2,575
Logan County Cases: 37 confirmed cases plus 18 probable cases plus 14 antibody tests = 69. Of those 69 cases, 52 have recovered. | Deaths: 1| Total Female 61%, Male 39%


  • Hired 3 contact tracers to assist with new cases.
  • Case investigation and Contact Tracing on 70 individuals over the past 2 weeks for a total of 595 since 3/17/2020.
  • Sent MRC request for contact tracer assistance to 47 registered volunteers.
  • 18 Staff completed POD Essentials Training in preparation for running a drive-thru Vaccine clinic when the COVID vaccine is ready.
  • Point of Dispensing Team met and the nurses started on what will go in each “Nursing Box”


  • Unified Command communicated T & Th.  (EMA, MRH, LCHD).
  • Provided support to LTCF’s for Ohio National Guard testing.
  • Tool kit sent to Health Care Coalition.
  • Hospital Situational Report sent to partners.
  • Worked with Community Health and Wellness Partners coordinating receiving their PPE shipment from Ohio EMA.
  • At this point any requests for PPE are going through the EMA. There are PPE available by calling the EMS at: 937-593-5743


  • Received 1 shipment on ODH PCR testing Kits to be used as needed throughout the county
  • 1 PPE Shipment directly from Ohio EMA to CHWPLC through our county drop site at Crossroads/MRH.
  • 1 PPE Shipment for the county for Healthcare, EMS, Hospitals, Nursing Homes
  • Preparation trainings were completed regarding the Testing that will be taking place in Logan County’s 3 Nursing Facilities by the Ohio National Guard.
  • Preparations for receiving 2 new vaccine refrigerators were started. Vaccines are now in the emergency vaccine coolers.


  • 6 Social Media Posts, Total reach of 14,012
  • Situational Report sent to Chamber, Media, Staff, BOH, HCC, HAN
  • Call Center: # of calls – 123
  • The first Logan County death due to complications from the COVID-19 occurred this last week. He was a male in his 50’s


  • Pop-up testing sites and other testing sites for anyone who would like to be tested continue.  Information can be found on
  • ODH Informational calls started on a once weekly basis. The format has changed into submitting questions before the call instead of in real time.
  • ODH is working toward implementation of the coronavirus study and will be in the field collecting biological samples starting July 9th, in the Central region, which includes Logan County.  Postcards have been randomly sent to households.  If the household does not opt out, a worker will be coming to the household for a voluntary survey and testing.

Doc’s Saturday Speculation


Some rays of hope in these trying times

  1. What if Covid-19 ends up like swine flu, bird flu, Zika, and West Nile virus, and goes through the country once, and then just hangs around as a less serious seasonal infection?
  2. What if we soon get 2 or 3 drugs that, along with convalescent plasma, can significantly lessen the impact in the seriously ill? Good possibility.
  3. What if the only asymptomatic spread is 1-2 days before people fall ill, and almost no spread occurs from people who never get sick when they have the virus? A distinct possibility.
  4. What if the studies from England on the seriousness of the illness being inversely proportional to Vitamin D levels, really means high Vitamin D levels are protective?
  5. What if 6 foot social distancing indoors, or 3 feet with a mask is more effective and safer than any vaccine? Strong likelihood.
  6. What if almost any activity outside without a mask is safe? Very likely.
  7. What if a simple, rapid test (in development) that is done by licking a piece of paper is proven to have a high degree of detection? 

Dr. Boyd Hoddinott, MD, MPH
Health Commissioner
Logan County Health District

Docs Friday Facts June 5, 2020

1) The CDC just issued updated guidelines that surfaces are a minor part of any transmission, so surfaces do not have to be cleaned as frequently. My advice is that frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs should still be cleaned, and that everyone should use hand sanitizers after such use before they inadvertently touch their face. Restaurants should still wipe shared condiment containers such as salt, pepper and ketchup between uses.

2) A meta-analysis of 172 studies across 6 continents, and 44 comparative studies in health care and non- health care settings was published in the Lancet on June 1st. It studied the use of social distancing, face masks, and eye protection to prevent person to person transmission of SARS, MERS and specifically COVID-19. This study was backed by the World Health Organization.

3) Summarizing the findings: with social distancing of at least 3 feet, the chances of infection or transmission of the coronavirus was about 3 percent, compared with 13 percent when people kept a distance less than that. For every extra 3 feet up to a total of 9 feet, the risk was reduced by half.

Regarding face masks, the chance of infection was 3 percent with a mask compared to 17 percent without a mask, which is a reduction of more than 80 percent. This was with surgical or multi-layer cloth masks. N95 masks are even more effective. For health care workers, eye protection afforded a 60% decrease in infections.

So stay outside, social distance where possible, and wear a mask indoors to protect yourself and our most vulnerable.

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