Water Samples

At the Logan County Health District, we offer bacteriological testing of well water. Reasons for testing your well water vary, but may include: you are trying to sell or buy a house that has a well and the bank requires a safe water sample to approve a loan, you are a homecare provider and are required to have a safe water sample once a year, you operate a home bakery, you or a family member have been ill recently and may be questioning the safety of your drinking water, or you may just be interested in the quality of your water. We can test for total coliform and E. coli here in our lab. We typically take our water samples on Tuesdays, and as the health department, we will come to your property to take the sample. A water sample is $40 or $60 for real estate transaction. Please fill out this form below or call 937-651-6202 to be put on our schedule.

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